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The Appkubator project is for those who need to develop AI and Blockchain “software”.

Through the portal we are creating a large network of young developers experienced in programming and development on AI and  Blockchain technology. Through the offices of the numerous European partners, Appkubator organizes a series of specific webinars for advanced training and the specialization of developers belonging to the startup.appkubator network. Appkubator is aimed at all software development companies that need specialized teams or individual developers or experts to implement Blockchain technology in software projects commissioned by their customers. Appkubator’s strength is the ability to create the most suitable teams for specific needs, selecting the members with the skills most in line with the needs of the companies that require the service. Moreover Appkubator, after having created the team, can further train the developers, inserting them in specific webinars for the requested needs. Appkubator collaborates with several specialized technology training companies in Silicon Valley.


Project Manager

Paolo Gianfrancesco
00187 Rome – Italiy
Via dei Greci, 10
Tel. +39 0645499953
Cell. +39 320 0633924